In My MLM I Watched My Network Marketing Team Struggle And Quit‚ Over And Over‚ I Vowed Never Again!


Were you like me?

You know that your success depends on their success! I found that the systems that my upline gave me simply didn’t work.

Not only was I spinning my wheels but so were my downline! They couldn’t duplicate what I was doing. They needed a simple easy system. But how to get that for them….

There is nothing more frustrating‚

If you are like most people you want to Avoid watching your team struggle‚ fail and then quit. People say that each individual has different areas they need help with‚ so there is not a one answer fits all.

Do you want to change that?

But if there was a way to get your team into action would you want to know? We found information that teaches people all of the skills needed to be successful in Network Marketing. People are sales resistant. If you fight that‚ if you try to sell them‚ you will

ALWAYS struggle in network marketing. You have to learn to listen. Again‚ 9’% of the world’s population is sales resistant. That is an overwhelming number‚ if you’re out there trying to sell them!

This was a no brainer!

You have spent your entire life recommending and promoting things to people. Books‚movies‚ restaurants‚ websites‚ recipes‚ stores‚ schools‚ parks‚ experts‚ — The list goes on and on. Now all of a sudden in network marketing‚ some idiot tells you to make a list of your friends and family‚ call them up‚ let’s beat them up and SELL them!

So what are you telling me?

So all you need to do is spend time to learn the skills and information‚ and then just give each team member what they need to help them. Everyone that wants to help their team can’t wait to learn the tips they can share with everybody.

So what will you learn?

This upline guru leader wants to turn you into that pushy‚ aggressive salesperson that nobody likes. can you see why it doesn’t work?

Let’s Try It The OTHER Way — Listening!

When you listen‚ you will quickly learn the Color personality of your prospect. This allows you to build know‚ like‚ & trust‚ and you can consistently build your business‚ day by day by day. And as you teach your people to listen for the Color personality of their prospects‚ all of a sudden

THEY aren’t in that sales mode. Instead‚ they’re in the mode of trying to figure out‚ “What can I do to help this person?” As you find out what Color they are‚ you find out their personality‚and their hot buttons.

Why is that so important?

Because not everyone wears the same size shoe. When you actually listen and spot which of the 4 personality types they are‚ you have the ability to communicate directly with that person on the basis of THEIR wants and needs. That makes all the difference in the world.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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