Walls or Doors?

Most people really don’t want to do anything new..

In effect.. they have built walls..

They stay comfortably inside of these walls..

Then.. (I get people daily complaining to me)

They say (but don’t mean) they want a better life!


I hate to break it to you..

As long as you are inside your self-imposed prison of those walls..

Its not going to happen..

We grew out of fairy tales..

Or did we?

We want the castle..

But will you fight for it?

Most just go la da da down the street.. in their bubble..

They never look right, they never look left..

They were told not to look outside..

And they don’t.. yet they wish.. ahhhhhh!

I realized long ago, that bubble had to burst..

I had to tear down the walls!

I could not let myself die with my dream dead inside!

And that is why I go out and do things..

That others say they would never do..

Because they would rather stay inside their walls.. of their carefully built.. self-induced.. PRISON!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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