The Warrior Has To Trust His Own Path!

The Warrior Has To Trust His Own Path!

I do not have to spend any of my energy proving others are wrong or even right!

For one thing

Their path is not my path..

And their ways are not always my ways..

Even those who have been held up as leaders.. are not always showing the right path for everyone..

It is my responsibility to test the truth of what is shown me..

Then act upon it if it is right for me..

That doesn’t mean I bend the truth..

It means that if I strive to be in the higher thought of all truth I cannot let others bend the truth..

Or make lies into truth and represent them as that..

I must be in a place where I feel truth always lives..

And I trust that path.. and those who take it with me!

I will not worry about whether you actually like my path..

I only know it’s what I must do..

I also know is that I am changing lives

And only those who are ready..

Are you ready?


To Your Abundant Success!!

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