We Become Who We Are Around!

 I have an invalid mother living with me. She spends the majority of her time complaining, and she does her best to create guilt in me if I don’t run and do everything she wants. The fact is that she has made herself what she is today.

I care for her needs but I don’t spend a lot of time in her company when she is in those moods. I have found that I can only do the amount of good that she will allow!

That is worth re-reading. There is no worth in guilt, but there is in building yourself and your character. Only you have the ability to do that. And we do choose what we think and who we keep company with, even family.

Now just like I am sure everyone, I spent the whole weekend from Christmas eve on with family. I actually enjoyed it. Reason mainly why is because I decided ahead of time what I would think about anything that might come up.

I do not take the opinions of any of my well-meaning family, I make up my own mind. Much of that is because I associate with people that are successful, and have the positive mind-set I wish to maintain. This is one of the key ingredients for success! 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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