We Really Do Choose

And it is manifested by what we do or what we don’t do..If we want something we find a way..

I really believe that..

And the reason why I believe that..

Is I have observed that in myself..

I take actions on what matters to me..

I put in more energy when I want something..

I just know also..

If I do not really have an interest.. then I procrastinate and don’t take any action..

And I believe that is true of most people.

So I know for myself.. I have to search my real intentions and what I want.

Will what I am looking at help me reach the goals I have?

How can I make this happen?

When I ask these questions..

And if the answer is yes this is something I can make happen and it will help me reach my goals, then I just start working towards actually putting it into my plan.

I have to admit I have no patience for someone who will never do this for themselves..

There is no real way to motivate someone who cannot motivate themselves!



To Your Abundant Success!!

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