What Are The Odds?

I used to do it..

Spend a few dollars a week on the Power Ball drawing..

And of course I never won..

I am amazed at the total that buy those tickets..

And yet they are so stingy with the money for their development..

Its okay..

What really matters is to realize..

Are you looking for something to quickly solve the problems you have?


Are you ready to make a lasting change?

A lasting change comes when you learn skills needed to build what you want..

Learning how to create leads on demand..

And for the last whole week I created just from that one activity..

5-10 daily…

Now add that up…

Its substantial..

Most people couldn’t produce their own lead if their very life depended on it..

(and actually it really does)

Your Entrepreneurial life depends on connecting to people daily that could be interested in what you have..

Most people think that you have to shove the business right away..

They get rejected because of that and think it doesn’t work

So for two weeks a new skill.. creating leads on demand through promotion..

It’s all about learning a skill.. that takes the desperate away!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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