What Does Your Avatar Have To Do With Business?

I went to the movie Avatar‚ heard so many raves I got curious. I found it interesting on many levels

One thing I would ask is do we put on a mask‚ or an Avatar when doing business‚ are we someone else. Do we come to the table as ourselves?

That May sound silly‚ or strange‚ but I have found many people are two different people. The business face‚ and the personal face.

In the movie‚ the main characters had two outward appearances one was the Avatar‚the other was their human form. In some ways they had to be different as the Avatar than they were when they were in human form.

When we do that as business people that can definitely backfire. Also if you think about it if you are duplicating your personality‚ how do you maintain that?

Myself its much easier to be real and to be me‚ all of the time. If it doesn’t feel like me‚ I don’t do it‚ plain and simple. 


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