What I Can’t Does To You!

Saying “I Can’t is like saying I don’t believe” it totally stops the engine…

It’s like sitting in your car with both feet stomping

on pedals down to the floor one on the brakes and the other on the gas ..

The engine might roar but. The car is standing still!

I never operate in the energy of I guess I can’t do that..

I always operate in the much more positive energy of I will find a way!

I was having issues with my computer.. and was not quite ready to think about upgrading..

since I knew it was all software issues..

I found a good price on Windows 8 and yesterday I was more offline..

getting it all upgraded.. today everything works perfectly..

Now why do I tell you that?

I simply don’t accept I can’t..

I say How can I then.. I find a way!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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