What I have Learned About Failure That Has Helped Me Succeed – Part 1

The more you like yourself‚ the less you are like anyone else‚ which makes you unique. ~ Walt Disney

No matter how good a system you have if it doesn’t let you do it with your personality‚ its not duplicatable. That bares repeating! Think about it this way. If you have an incredible Guru upline‚ he is red-hot‚ hes always getting thousands of reps a month!

Okay first of all I would be asking: Is that the truth? Then I would be asking can I see myself doing what he does? Will I feel good about it‚ will it help others as well as me‚ or will it be more about me?

If you feel uncomfortable about any of those things then its not going to work for you! For instance‚ go to the Walmart‚ and talk to 100 people about your opportunity. Oh‚ don’t get me started about that one.

So NOT duplicatable! Who is going to really do that? Most will say‚No Way‚ Jose‚…Bye!

If you won’t do it‚ then don’t expect any of your downline to do it! Its that old adage‚ Show them what you want‚ do what you want‚ They really only follow what you do not what you say.

Since I have become a critical thinker‚ I always question the nuts & bolts of something. It doesn’t matter if you are under Mike Filadra himself! Besides do they really care if you sponsor or not? NOT!

I know one thing‚ and this very dear to my heart‚ education is one of the key things I must do. I would encourage you also. You won’t get it from TV‚ or video games‚ or any online game.

Its going to require actually attending the even‚ getting on the call‚ reading the book‚ viewing the tele-seiminar. But boy‚ does it pay off in big dividends. You build that unique you‚ the best you. Not Joe Jones‚ but you‚ the one you were supposed to be! Thats priceless! 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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