What I Learned about MLM’s

I used to be part of a Network Marketing or MLM company that had a strong push to recruit, recruit ..recruit! Of course that meant to get a large amount of leads, which we were encouraged to buy. Actually it started to feel like being in the army! We had to have a certain volume level to get paid. It certainly wasn’t relationship-driven.

When I lost a distributor (because they weren’t making money), I was told to forget them and keep on getting more to the tune of 16-20 a month! Obviously that meant a big investment of paid leads. I was supposed to not care. I knew that was wrong, and before to long my volume started to slip because my belief started to slip.

Before long I went looking for a better situation for the long-term. If people tell you to recruit, recruit recruit – then run, run run! I realized that the dream of working for a short time and then being able to have a great life-style was never going to happen in this business model.

Network Marketing, MLM or whatever you are calling it is about people — they are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, uncles, aunts, etc you get what I mean, they matter, they are people. If you are being told like I was that it is about numbers, then you are in a business model that has a strong push to recruit.

I found out why I had a wrenching in my gut every time someone quit! And it sure didn’t feel good to have to return the money for the kit either. It didn’t feel good to have that kind of attitude. It didn’t feel good to see people have big dreams to be lost from this kind of attitude. I knew I was never cut out to be that kind of “Recruiter.”

That is why I learned to use social media and build an “Attractive Marketing Style” Business. I hope this is helpful!


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