What Is Commitment?

Commitment is a big deal..

And one of the things that if broken breaks trust faster than anything..

It is the major most important thing that most think they don’t have to do

In business.. it is when someone makes promises when they have no intention of keeping them

Or promising time to help but not showing up

Forgetting to make the phone call or show up for a meeting

Being changeable can be good and bad

Once we commit to something we need to do

We need to stay committed

Like marriage

Some people put it on and take it off like an article of clothing..

And business

Many have the wrong level of commitment..

Tactics and methods don’t really change that commitment, it’s a long-term decision.

But it is the sure sign of real leadership

When you realize how very important it is in the grand scheme of things..

And the staying loyal even after the big excitement of the moment has worn off..

Being known as a committed person, a loyal person..

Those are the hallmarks of leaders..


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