What Is More Scarier Than Change

And Most Don’t Say This: What Is More Scarier Than Change

You might not believe this now..

But I used to be afraid to talk to people…

Yes I used to be..

Why can I say I used to be is because… even though I was afraid.. I just could not stay there in my fear!

I started out in a business where we had to buy leads.. (and although I could not continue to do that) I had to learn to call them.. Yes cold calling…

Yes it was hard

Yes I was scared

But I had to do it because of my investment…

I think now that most people are here working on their business.. they have forgotten that they have an investment…

Whether you actually paid for a lead or not… you will not create what you want.. unless you have stepped out of your fear.. and contacted them!

Hope you will take this jewel I laid down to heart!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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