What Is Your Why? It Should Make You Cry!

Today I am going to talk about what is at the heart of everything that we do. In the “Slight Edge‚” Jeff Olson talks about what is easy to do‚ is also easy not to do. So why do we either do it‚ talk about it and not do it? What is that slight edge for you‚ for me?

What will push you‚ because change happens anyway‚ we don’t believe that but it does. The only thing we actually have total control over is us!

The why is almost never about money‚ its about something you are passionate about. It should have you so excited it makes you like the kid in the candy store. Its not about the car‚the house.

Its deeper! Go way down deep what do you find inside. Is your vision in there‚ or do you have to find it again?

As we were growing up and going through school we were being taught to be the “good little soldiers.” We were programmed to be an employee.

But if your dreams are bigger than your paycheck‚ and they usually are‚ you have two choices‚ down-size your dream‚ or up-size your motivation.

So that you take more out of yourself to do the uncomfortable‚ the new the different‚ out of the comfort zone‚ out of the box.

There is no shortcut to greatness! Your why should make you cry‚ if it doesn’t you haven’t found it.



To Your Abundant Success!!

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