What It Takes To Be Successful!

I have to say sometimes..

That all the ridiculous get in now and get rich tomorrow claims are so insulting!

And it makes our profession seem so cheap..

I am actually proud that it wasn’t easy..

Because I can tell you that every inch of the struggle was worth it..

I can tell you that it is actually a good thing that you have to struggle.. that it’s not as simple as pushing a button..

I honor those who have gone through a struggle and didn’t quit..

I just sometimes worry about all the new people who are not willing to invest what it really takes..

That is why there is a small percentage that win.. and a big percentage that don’t..

They have to see the real cost..

There will be bruises…
There will be broken-hearted times..
There will be times of failure..


There will always be times of triumph..
There will be times when it begins to make sense

When it feels like it is worth it..

The key is..
To stop believing in the magic button.. stop looking for it.. it doesn’t exist..

What does.. is building yourself.. your skills.. to a point where none of the other stuff matters..

There are just a few things you must learn..

And when you learn them.. it will begin to feel like magic!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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