What Kind Of Energy Do You Have?


Because I know this I make sure I am operating from the Light Spirit in all of my dealings..

Because there is no separation you either do good or you do evil..

Think about this!

What you think and what you focus on is what you are,

And what you project!

I have seen a lot of stuff that I thought I would never ever see..

As we start to close down our Presidential election..

And I have seen all kinds of evil, that people want to portray as good!

That spirit will permeate all..

I know it matters that is why I am sharing this today..

Its important..

“I have discovered that there are two kinds of energy that you can build your life upon..
There is a dark or evil energy or there is a light or good energy.

Many are not aware of this..

But sometimes when you get rewarded for something bad that you did, you get a charge from it..

And also the same thing for when you do something good.

It seems really that a lot of the time especially lately that there is more initial reward for the bad than there
is for the good.

You alone must decide which spirit and can decide which will rule your life and your spirit..

Because it will begin to define your life and you..

If you choose to let the dark spirit in and let it rule you, it will begin to dominate and rule your life!

I have seen it, and it’s not pretty..

Now why am I talking about this in my marketing blog today?

Because it matters, we are all spiritual beings in the human realm.. and we feel these things whether

We actually know it or not..

It affects everything especially you prosperity!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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