What You Are Thinking You Are Becoming!

This week we have been studying chapter 14 of the Master Key by Charles Handel..

It is expected wrongly that we can change everything quickly
That is not correct thinking..

If it took us 60 years to be where we are based on our thinking
Then it has to take a process of changed thinking to change who we are!

Its a process… and is not comfortable..
That is another thing.. we have wrongly supposed that it is supposed to be comfortable.. it is not!

The major thing required if we want a better life..
Is to change our thinking..

To discard those disempowering thoughts passed along to us from our family and others that are influencing us..

Even when we begin to think we are done and we have arrived
We really have not..
Because just the fact that we think that.. tells us that we have not!

Every day is a day to choose to build a new life or to accept the old conditioning that has been there keeping you from going where you want to be..

Be okay with being uncomfortable because that is what it takes..

Be okay that it is not going to be instant because its not..

Be okay with stumbling as you discover who it is you really are because you will..

Be okay with being a process and that you will continue it through the rest of your life!

And only when you decided to be okay with all of this will you allow yourself to be the change you want to be..


To Your Abundant Success!!

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