Whats In It For You? Why Should You Go To Live Events?

I had an interesting conversation the other day with someone who was on the webinar they did to launch and open the ticket sales.

That person wanted instant answers on how to build their business and didn’t understand why that webinar was mostly a promotion.

Why you might be thinking is it important to invest (some might be saying pay for) these live events? ..And this is a valid question.

I remember asking it also myself.

It might seem like everyone is asking you to spend before you make.

Here is a question here to contemplate.

When you paid for your college education did you say spend or invest?

We really need to change that thinking‚ we are INVESTING IN OUR EDUCATION That is so very key and what so many think is not necessary. You wouldn’t dream of going into a profession without an education would you?

This is no difference.

We really do have to change that thinking. Now what kind of investment could be gotten from attending this event?

For one thing an amazing amount of training!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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