When Is It Braver To Quit

“I went through thirteen and a half years of a very painful marriage. Then one day I gave up. It was not wussie‚ it was brave. It meant I had to stand alone!

Now I am married to my sweetheart of my life. It is worth it to really go for having the best in everything!”

I repost it here because

There are times when it is more brave to give up..

I let that abuse go on for 13 and a half years.. before one day I say “I quit!”

I have let myself be abused at times in business sometimes too. Because I am soft‚ I am not hard. I have a kind heart.. sometimes there are those who take advantage of it.

So I say again. When you have been treated badly no matter where no matter when..

It is not WUSSIE to quit it is brave. It means you will stand alone. Maybe no one else will really understand…

But when you do‚ you release something inside‚ it lets you see yourself in a new place..

It lets you become who you need to be‚ (that is if you let it)

I didn’t know at the time I let go of that bad marriage‚ that it would clear the way to a fantastic marriage!

As I didn’t know at the time I quit a business.. that it would lead to something so much better..

Sometimes we really do have to quit‚ sometimes we have to open up to a better way..

So just know this is in the past.. it was a struggle I have overcome‚ but I felt that it was necessary to tell you..

The person I was during that 1’ and a half years could never have done any of what I have done in the last few years..

The person I was during the failed business.. could never be here now telling you this..

So it is important to let go of some of the things we are sometimes.. to become something much more!

Sometimes it is brave but necessary to let go of things that do not serve you.. just know‚ if you are now going through things that hurt.. many others have also.

And sometimes it makes way for better things!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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