When The Dream Dies

Have you ever thought of what happens when a dream dies. What happens inside of that person? Or have you felt that way? Then life gets dark and dreary. It feels like a drudge‚ its painful. It a misery. It can even get to a place where life is no longer worth living‚ depression and suicide.

How does one revive that dream again? Sometimes that can be a challenge. Its easy to say that they need to have a positive thought‚ but they are living a nightmare‚ and most times don’t know how they got there. They are good people they don’t do mean and horrible things to others‚ and yet they are living in misery.

Its no wonder that the lottery lines get longer as the economy gets more difficult. If only…. becomes a way to change where they are. The only possible way that they can change where they are is someone has to help them.

I often talk about giving a hand up instead of a hand out. A hand out is great but its temporary. A hand up is lifting one to a better place. Its a process though its not instant. Many would like to have a relief from their problems‚ but they don’t understand that they must make changes.

I was saddened recently that my Sister just couldn’t make the time to come see my mom who is dying. So in a about 6-months to a year when she passes on she is going to be angry she didn’t get to spend the time with her.

But you see no one kept that from her but herself. We do that all of the time to ourselves. We deny the opportunity to have things in our lives we want because we don’t give ourselves permission‚ consider ourselves worthy‚ take the time‚ or believe we can have it.

Thats the big one believe. We have talked ourselves out of it before we have even given consideration about how it might be possible. So my sister will not have closure because she has decided its not possible to come.

How many things do we need or want to do in our lives‚ and before we even have any ideas on how we could get it accomplished we come up with excuses on how we can’t do it? We shut down that creative process once we start saying “I can’t.”

We have stopped dreaming. “I can’t‚ is a shut down phrase. Instead try saying: “How can I ….? Then leave it there‚ and our mind will start working on it. I just expect the answer to come to me. Then I give it some time‚ it May come as an idea‚ or someone sharing information‚ or from someone in a conversation‚ or on the internet… It could come from anywhere if we are open!

We really can create our dream‚ it doesn’t have to die! Would it be okay if you could have any dream you wanted? I can show you how. 


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