When The Dream Is Real

This wonderful fantasy coming from Sandesh Shanmugam

I used to be really good at imagining my life..
When I was a child!

Somehow dreams got lost for a long time‚
And fear took over!

I even let others plan my destiny for a while

But I got reacquainted with that child in me who knew how to dream

I used to go into our bathroom in our school that had two-story ceilings

I used to sing whenever I could‚ I was bullied‚ so I only had my dreams

My father left me‚ so I dreamed of having a dad..

I dreamed of being on stage..

I dreamed of having things..

You know when I think about it‚ I have created just about everything I could really want!

I don’t dream of big houses and cars..

I dream of doing more for people that can’t help themselves

And its amazing to realize I have almost done it!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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