Who am I? Expert?

I get that a lot‚ and its a fair question because there are so many out there claiming to be an expert.

I have learned that its dangerous to claim to be an expert. Then that means you know everything there is to know and you better be able to steer everyone the right way.

I lead well because I am like the wise president‚ I have a whole team all experts in various different parts of business. This is what I have learned‚ that its better to be able to point to the right source or direction than to be a walking encyclopedia.

The story comes to mind of Ford. You know he didn’t finish school‚ right? So he was not a scholar‚ he was not a college or even a high school graduate. So how did he progress to being one of the greatest and richest business men in history?

Without going into a big story‚ my take on it is he knew how to find someone with the answer!

I know how to do that‚ once more‚ I can teach you how to do that. In the end its about duplication‚ having a downline full of experts is very unlikely.

But having people that know how to get the answers where to turn and who to ask‚ thats what I want‚ what about you?


To Your Abundant Success!!

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