Why I Will Always Choose Something With Residual Income

I have done many MLM’s which have residual built in, but it was generally hard to create income with it.. With what I have, I have seen residual coming to me, and its not work to make it happen!

I generally found that you had to do a huge amount of jumping through hoops to qualify for it.

There was one company in which I personally generated 20,000 in volume and yet it only created a few 100 in commissions..

Can you think about how crazy that is?

What you want is a clean commission system, that gives you direct income from your activity, and that of your team.

No if you do this then you get this, but if you don’t balance your legs you don’t get it kind of nonsense!

That is why I like direct sales and affiliate programs.

You qualify if you create a direct referral sale, plain and simple.

It is easy to understand.

So when not only I do that, but also the team does that, it creates residual income. there are no ifs and buts, you receive a percentage of what your direct referrals do and what their teams do!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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