Why I Will Not Do Any New Launches!

Why I will never get into a brand new start up program.

I have done it.. Remember Empower Network?

Well its not around anymore..

Now while the present business environment is a little more favorable..

There is a secret most of these things do..

That I just don’t like.

I had a conversation with someone who is in one beginning to launch..

What he doesn’t know, is that there is no history..

No one is going to trust it.

I prefer to have something with a good history..

Something that shows people right now how they can Simply make money online..

AND this is a big one..

Real testimonies of real people that have already succeeded with it.

I am an Entrepreneur I have done the hard work of building from scratch..

But I say to myself..

Why invent the wheel?

Why not get an already created perfectly tuned wheel, that is already proven to work?

Yeah! I like that better..

So no thank you to new launches.. have fun with it..

Yes there is lots of hype.. but hype doesn’t usually create long time customers..

Let me suggest instead..

You learn the right way to build your income, long term..

That is really what PLS is about..

Its the all the time, deep built with lots of successful history.

And its a place to stay long term.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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