This is about both a mind set and a way to be ready to create business. In my opinion its not possible with MLM Network marketing to be open only certain times of the day. Its really about being ready when the opportunity knocks.

To illustrate…

The other night we went out to the restaurant. We ate as usual and after paying the bill and leaving a generous tip‚ I slipped my business card under the bill. Now this is one way I just like to create curiosity because it doesn’t say much. We were still getting into our car when the waiter chased me down‚ and wanted to know more. I invited him to call me later.

I got his name so I would know him when he calls me. Now I have one more step: I am going to call the restaurant and tell them about the extraordinary service I got from him! Now his boss will say something to him‚ which will job his memory!

Be a Doer not a Wisher!

Keep in mind that is a passive way to do business and not the only way. I am actively showing my business everyday. I am often on the internet using social media as well. I heard in something I was listening to that we want to be a doer not a wisher. What do I mean. Its about taking specific action that is already know to producer results.

Rather than wishing that you can have an opportunity to present your business‚ you take actions and set up scenarios in which that is inevitable. This is not about strategy‚ but having one in place is critical! Random action will create random results. Here in today’s video I give you a little more detail‚ and also a strategy!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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