Why The Pitchman Is Dead!

I couldn’t believe it! I haven’t truly had a live pitch in months‚ but I got one today‚ and the only thing I could think of was “how fast can I get off of this call?” So how many conversations that we have daily would be either construed‚ or misconstrued as a pitch? What can be say is a pitch? And why are we so turned off by them? I will attempt to answer those questions‚and hopefully educate you in the process!

Pitchman! Do you remember Billy the Pitch Man? He did a lot of commercials‚ and he was really good at it‚ but we have to admit it‚ he was a PITCH MAN!

Okay going back to that call that I got earlier! I used to do that‚ Ugh‚ I am so glad I no longer do that to my prospects! Its all about salesmanship on the part of the one making the call.

He directs you back to what he wants you to do‚ he either ignores your questions or your comments‚ or he gets past them quickly.

He does not ask very many questions‚ and he preys on your good will to get you to drop what you are doing and go watch the presentation. It is also often called interrupt marketing. In

Today’s market place it is about actually working to get to know your prospect and what they are about‚ and I promise you that if you just immediately get them on a website‚ even someone like me that genuinely loves Multi-level marketing‚ they will find the fastest way possible to get off the call and say no!

What is A Pitch?

The way I look at it is if you are selling something when someone didn’t ask for it‚ then it’s a pitch. There can be a fine line‚ but whether its online or off‚ directly by phone or by e-mailor by chat‚ if it actually creates a feeling of being uncomfortable in the prospect‚ then you have not approached it right. What we think is value May not be to others. It is in the eye or shall we say ears of the one receiving that will determine the value.

Calling On Lists!

You know they used to have only one way you could get new prospects and that was to buy leads. I have done it‚ and I know how to do it correctly.

Many still believe it’s about making someone else do what you want them to do‚ but it seldom works‚ most especially in today’s very competitive market place!

Today we also have the auto-dialer services‚ and while the theory seems to be good‚the reality of that is that they skim names of people like myself who are already happy and building and successful‚ it doesn’t find the person who might be your perfect target.

I know because I tried it briefly‚ and also because they call me 5–10 times daily!

Telling People What To Do?

Again we go back to a reactionary state here! Most of us don’t like to be told what to do! We go on a defense right away! I know I do. Even if it might be something that is good for us! If you are pushing your ideas or products on another then you will experience resistance on their part.

As I did in my experience today I resisted it‚ it didn’t actually matter how good it was the approach made me resist! We have to recognize when we are pitching. Some like to use the word “educating” but anytime we are doing it without their express permission then it is still a pitch‚ and many people are getting a lot more sensitive to this!

Since the majority of us use online marketing as a major way to build our lead base‚ then our blog must perform the function of education‚ and the link to our opportunity must be in a back page‚ not the first thing that they are hit with.

Permission Marketing

Another reason that I so love Better Web Builder! Never ever do you have to go into one of those pitches whether in person or by recorded call? Never ever do you have to be rejected or feel dirty making those calls! I felt attacked even though he was trying to be nice! So here is what you can do instead! Copy the link below and learn about a true alternative to that! And with that learn about how to talk to people the right way!

Get Them To Ask You!

How do you do that? By creating curiosity! This can be done many ways‚ sometimes it’s in your signature such as in mine “Ask Me About My Free Recruiting Tool!” I give them permission to ask‚ and then when they do‚ they have opened the door for me to present to them a positive message.


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