Why Using The Title of MLM Expert – Won’t Help You


First of all‚ our friend Charlie is here for a reason.

There is one thing for sure he was an icon‚and still is. He is because he was unique.

He was just Charlie. He was trying to figure it out‚ and he let you see that he was not perfect.


I have pulled up a search and found 5 million pages literally for MLM experts.

Now I just have a question how can there be that many experts and how would one person even know how to choose? They all make promises‚ but how do you know?

I have to say one of the saddest truths is that many of them are using that word but are far from being an expert.

So before I go any farther here I am proclaiming that I am definitely not an expert‚ especially since Internet Marketing is so diverse‚ it would be totally impossible to be an expert at all of it.

What I have learned is that it is much better to know how to direct someone to the resources that they require. When people look up a trainer or a coach‚ the most important thing they want to know is not so much what you know‚ but are you going to help them. That was definitely what started me on my search.

Questions You Might Ask

  1. How do I know what you have will help me
  2. What are you going to do to help me
  3. What will it cost / for how long
  4. Will a real live person be there to answer my questions?
  5. How can I know if it’s the real deal?


I opened about the first page of all the documents pulled up by google they were all someone pitching a deal and not actually offering any real value. That is very sad‚ and puts a bad name on all legitimate programs out there. So there is a lot of trust and we must not betray that! I am not contesting anyone advertising just that saying that we are experts isverymis-leading. I have learned that its much better to be more transparent and admit I am human and not perfect or expert‚ but I can help them get the resources they need to achieve what they want to accomplish!


That is why when I found this new Viral Blogging system by David Wood and David Sharpe I got very excited‚ and I can promise you positively that at that they are experts‚ and they can guide you. Knowing that I can answer all of those questions by simply directing you to places in the back office is key. Knowing that it will do for you is very key. I can say I am an expert at giving you the correct direction with this!



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