You Are Your First Best Client

Looking at the dawn of a new day is always a time of reflection.

No one gave me anything.

No one encouraged me to win.

In fact just the opposite.

So I learned early to make me the one I encourage before anyone else.

Does that sound selfish?

If I am not at my best, I cannot help anyone.

If I am so needy, I am absolutely no good to anyone else.

So just like they talk about in the airplane to put the oxygen mask first.

So always support yourself first, its not selfish, it is essential!

I have not talked to my mother for over 8 years, because she is no longer on this earth.

But I still have to catch myself thinking the same belittling that she threw at me.

It wasn’t really her fault she was raised that way.

I just had to change that for me.

I talk lovingly to myself before I go out and talk to others.

Most of the people in my life do not know how to get past their bad programming.

So I do not take any of the advice from them.

I do not make that an excuse.

I put my goals and dreams ahead of what they talk about.

I spend time first thing in the morning visualizing.

Like the oxygen metaphor, you have to make sure you are at your best before going to anyone else and talking to them.

Don’t come from desperate.

Come from a desire to help.


One thing I absolutely know is that it is not selfish to look out for yourself.

If you are not at the best you can be, how can you represent who you are and the benefits of what you offer?

People make observations in the flick of an eyelash whether they want to do business with you based on what you present. Both the seen and unseen is used to make that judgement.

If you present yourself as tired and out of energy you can be a good representative of your offer.

Just some of my observations from just my work with people




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