You Get What You Expect!

 I did an experiment yesterday. It was very interesting. We got off for church later than we should have, and we needed to pick someone up before we could go there. Now we did have a choice of separate cars, as I had the responsibility to lead the music and had to be there early. But we all got in the same car and off we went.

Now what would be the mind-set for that, “We are going to hit every light and we are going to be late!” In fact that was voiced but not by me. So I shushed that and I focused on seeing green! In fact I closed my eyes and saw green lights.

Then also I visualized getting into the meeting with enough time to pick up the program from the back of the room, put up the songs, get the first song page open, set my stand, and relax and listen to the prelude.

While the old me would be nagging the whole way there, I washed away all of those thoughts with making it on time and the scenario I just described. I saw green lights, I saw myself there in time, and I saw myself successfully getting set up.

Because of the other negative that was voiced, we often had to stop of lights, but we got there as they were turning green! This continued through the whole trip, and I continued to picture the positive outcome I wanted.

Well, the end of the story: we got there with 6 minutes to spare. I had enough time to pick up the program from the back of the room, put up the songs, and sit and listen quietly to the prelude music. My family seated down in the audience. We really do get what we expect! 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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