You Have To Stand Out To Win!

The Common Plan Most Attempt To Execute..

The common plan most attempt to execute..
And I say attempt.. because most fail to execute it..
Is that they look for a company they can be passionate about and then they spend all of their energy trying to convince people to do it with them..

Eric Worre calls it the “Pretender” stage..
I will try this and if I don’t get it in the first few weeks I am out of here!Here is what I have learned over the years…

its better to actually know what people are going to want..
Since the prevailing plan seems to be get in a company and then convince people..

There is where the real failure comes from..No one is going to be convinced..
they have to do it for their own reasons!

I decided not to do that model of failure..


Failure is only real when you quit.. its okay to change direction…

Instead since there are thousands of new people coming on doing this..
Someone will have to be there to train them!!
I think what I see more than anything else.. (confusion) mainly because people don’t realize that the why and the motivation has to come from within..
And where that comes from is confidence.. and skills..

There is no amount of hype…


I Hyped it up with the best of them.. and finally decided it was childish.. and knew that to be here long term required real skills…

When I was a child.. I did childish things..
I hyped like no other really! Ha!But I came to understand that hype if it ever did anything..
it created a short-lived excitement that never lasted!There is no purpose in hyping up things..There is no purpose in making crazy claims..
The one thing that replaces hype is real skills..

Have you ever thought about this:

Even in the lowliest job say one in McDonalds..
There is rules of conduct,
There is a training orientation,
There is a schedule,
And there is a paycheck only after you perform as they have outlined!!

So why should it be different when it comes to Online Business…
There are definitely rules of conduct (which many ignore)
There is definitely a schedule (when your most likely customer is online)
There is definitely a paycheck (when you learn and apply the training)

Coming Out Of The Fog!


It is an amazing thing when someone comes out of the fog.. and they can see their real path to success!

The most important thing for people to do is come out of the fog and learn to be Purposeful in their Quest to finally Win on the Internet!
That is the major reason I am still here..
That is why I always invite to my FREE Marketing Training Newsletter..
It takes you immediately to our Training right on Facebook..
If you really want to cut through years of failure and pain.. (I know cause I did it the hard way)


There is a lot of people claiming to have the solutions.. make sure you take the time to investigate that person or system!
Only in doing that can you be sure..

I invite people to google me “Lynda Cromar”
You will find.. I have been here and I am not a newbie..
That I practice what I preach.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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