Farmers Understood the concept of Sowing and Reaping..

“The philosophies you choose to keep. Refine your philosophies and they’ll refine your life.”

What do you sow? Because what you sow you will definitely reap!

If you sow doubt, you will reap doubt!
If you sow pain, you will reap pain!
If you sow hate, you will reap hate!

So you have to decide..

What you post here, you will attract!

So instead of the above things..

Sow love, and you will reap love.
Sow happy and you will reap happy
Sow prosperity and you will reap prosperity..

Actually post things that promote what you want to reap!

This should not be mysterious..

But I challenge you to look at your last 6-10 posts..

What are you reaping?


To Your Abundant Success!!

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