You Would Think They Would Learn That Dishonesty Doesn’t Pay

I have been in network marketing for over 20 years and been involved in more than one verywell-known companies. The companies are very reputable but there are still many times when I see questionable practices (to be mild.)

1 ̵’; It never never pays to be deceitful to lie about the company that we represent. If someone guesses why not be proud?

2 ̵’; It is important to be as transparent as possible about our practices‚ well this one is obvious‚ we will be found out if we are not doing what we say we are doing. Or we are doing things that are even slightly dishonest‚ it comes out.

3 ̵’; Its a proven fact that the more we can be concerned about the other person weather they are to be a new distributor or a customer that we actually see to their needs‚ not to what we want them to have ̵’; that we will be a lot more profitable‚ and they will trust us.

4 ̵’; It should never be about just getting them to buy the kit‚ and who cares what happens later‚ because that’s what you get is people that get angry and quit.

5 ̵’; I would much rather someone take their time and really understand what they are getting into‚ then when they get it they are really excited‚ and more teachable and ready to roll up their sleeves and learn to do what will make them successful.

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