You’ve Got Mail

There was a day when spam worked… sort of or did it?

But we have to be honest and you can hide and not think you are spamming..

Let me define it for you

When you send a message to someone either on e-mail or through Facebook or any other Social media that lets you message people and you send it without the express permission of that person‚ and it is offering something they didn’t ask for… THAT IS SPAM

It doesn’t matter if its nicely worded
It doesn’t matter if you believe it is valuable

If the recipient didn’t ask for it‚ then it is spam! Plain and simple

I get huge amounts of it daily‚ I don’t even look at it..

Here is a question for you.. does it matter if you get rejected or not?

Most people don’t like rejection

And maybe they think sending a message and it goes right to spam‚ that that is rejection free.. WELL NO NOT REALLY

Even on Facebook people have the option to report a message as spam.. and it can get your account suspended or closed

So when you send out messages to people that you do not know offering your awesome deal of the century.. no matter how wonderful you think it is.. IT IS ALWAYS SPAM

Wait til they ask for it!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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