My Ziggy Formula For Facebook Engagement For Online Network Marketing

Well I have to tell you I am by no means a master‚ but I do study those who are doing what is working and I take what they share and I put my own twist on it so that is why its my Ziggy Formula because its not what everyone else is doing. I got all of my ideas from being in this mastermind group

How To Open Up And Build Your Online Network Marketing The Ziggy Way!

I know that got your attention!

You see people out there posting content‚posting statuses‚ and it is a constant barrage of stuff‚ and it doesn’t actually catch your eye for the most part. So what do you do to get more out of your online network marketing so that it can build the team you want?

That is a legitimate question‚ and I was asking it as well. I went to all kinds of webinars‚and classes. I experimented with various different systems‚ I know you have noticed things I have done in the past. I keep going back to the one that works!


So How Do You Open Up And Build Your Online Network Markting Via The Social Networks

Lets Think About A Store Front For A Moment And Bring In Some Of What They Do To Create Our Online Network Marketing Strategy

  • Have an attitude of being open
  • Engage in conversation
  • Ask questions
  • Be interested in them‚ not trying to get them interested
  • Know what you are looking for
  • Create curiosity
  • Give them an irresistible offer!
  • Have a way to capture their info

Do stores do this? Yes they do! I go to the grocery store‚ and they ask me for my “club card”it has inside of it my personal info‚ name‚ phone‚ address. It then records what I like as I buy my groceries! So there are many ways we can do that in our online network marketing efforts. I have reviewed hundreds of blogs‚ where I can’t even find the place to join it (not talking rss) I am talking like google connect or networked blogs.

I have found Twitter accounts where they are supposed to be in business but they lock their tweets. I have clicked on the Facebook link and the only thing you go to is a like page‚ with a company name‚ and an imposing picture that is neither attractive nor inviting.

Maybe I am wrong‚ but I don’t want to like your page‚ until I have a chance to “like” you. I want to get to know you‚ and what you are about. In my opinion those things above are“closed” signs. It’s saying you can like my page‚ but I am not going to let you in to see the real me‚ I won’t do business with someone I have to dig to find.

How Be Open Creating An Attitude Of Openess In Your Online Network Marketing

In all online network marketing efforts we have to look at what we are doing from our prospects viewpoint:

  • When they visit your blog do they find a sales page or do they find inviting content?
  • If they like it enough to stay is there a way for them to join your list and your blog?
  • On your profiles do they fine an inviting smiling picture or a flower?
  • When you do engage‚ are you open
  • Does what you share solve a problem?

How To Open Up And Engage In Conversation In Your Online Network Marketing

I have been asked how I got into the leaderboard on my company website. I can tell you one thing I know how to engage. We can send out content all day long but it is engagement that will create what you want.

I have had a most amazing day enjoying talking to people. I can share one thing that has changed for me‚ and therefore has changed my results and that is‚ its not how much content we put out there‚ its not how many people we give our link to‚ its how many did we truly touch today? Lynda Cromar

I had a great conversation last night with a gentleman‚ even though it was that he wanted to get me into his thing. He was at least trying to get to know me. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  In those I have observed doing online network marketing they have part of it but not always all of the technique of online network marketing.

  • Find something you both have in common
  • Be more concerned about being interested not so much trying to be interesting
  • First important to find out about them – maybe they aren’t even going to be a good candidate
  • Build rapport
  • Ask questions
  • Be patient it generally takes several conversations

The Next Step Remember The Grocery Store Is To Capture Their Info For Your Online Network Marketing To Be Sustainable

  • Everyone hates to be sold but they like to buy
  • In Your Online Network Marketing there needs to be a way to build more rapport
  • Online it is when they start to get on your list

To Truly Capture Them You Must Have An Irresistible Offer They Will Exchange Their Personal Info‚ Their Name And E-mail For

Again in our grocery store example there is a way “the club card” that they get your info‚ you are now in their computer database. It records you buying habits and it spits out coupons based on what you buy. So now with the online network marketing we have to know what our“ideal prospect‚ or customer” has normally bought and what they are searching for.

  • This is where they begin to enter your funnel.
  • Because of your offer they agree to be on your mailing list

No matter whether we are talking the grocery store or your online network marketing‚ people buy you before buying your business. You must have an attractive Facebook or Twitter web page‚ and make sure your blog is also inviting‚ a place they want to return to‚ and an offer via a capture page that grabs their info so that you can continue to communicate and build rapport. Make sure that they can join your blog either via RSS feed or by joining the blog. I learned all of this from this

So How Can You Be Open In Your Online Network Marketing The Ziggy Way?

  • Be open and honest always in your online network marketing‚ never make inflated claims
  • Remember they are buying you first‚ be of service
  • Remember it is about long term relationships in your online network marketing not just a quick sale
  • Be a Ziggy‚ fun to be around‚ make sure you don’t need them to join you they can smell that!
  • Be a connector‚ even being willing to help when it doesn’t make you money
  • Be trustworthy‚ and they will trust you
  • Be always aware of them‚ its always about them not you

To Your Abundant Success!!

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